Flyer No: 02 Month : 02/09 Year : 2016

An attempt is to analysis important provisions of the present Central Sales Tax ( CST) and compare the same with the provisions ofthe proposed Integrated Goods and Service Tax (IGST) as available under model GST...



Treading the GST Path - II

Treading the GST Path - III

Treading the GST Path - IV

Treading the GST Path - V

Treading the GST Path - Vi

Treading the GST Path - VII

Treading the GST Path - VIII

Treading the GST Path - IX

Treading the GST Path - X

Last four weeks had seen some significant moves in background of announcement of April 1, 2017 as deadline for implementation of GST. The most significant development has been meetings of GST council. The council has already conducted three meetings. As expected, there is difference of opinion between centre and States on certain issues, but as far as taxpayer is concerned the picture is becoming more and more vivid. The scene is not lacking in Drama quotient with protest from both Central and State government officers in an urge to protect and preserve their positions intact.

Developments that happened in last four weeks are summarized below:

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